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Photography: If you have made it hobby, why you will not earn from it online its easy but your photos must be unique one !!!

Photography: from it you can earn is that most likely you can – but the money you can make is directly influenced by lot and it depends on the uniqueness of your photos, their quality and your selling abilities. Here are a few hints and ideas when it comes to making money from your photos. If you are looking to make some extra cash from your photos or you may target as main stream of cash. If you are looking to cover the spending on photography hobby or selling photos can just be a fun experience then it’s easy otherwise it is hard. One thing you have to do with your photos is to sell them online. It’s easy that there are many websites that let you sell photos. The basic business behind most of them is simple: they provide you the mechanism of upload your photos, showcase them and set their prices. As the users browse through your photos and purchase the ones if they like and they take commission from you for providing facilities. You can find some additional features that these websites allow users to write comments about your photos. This is a fun way to get feedback from viewers and to connect to new people with the same interests as yours. Some of these sites are free to use and only collect a commission from the proceeds. Other sites charge a setup fee or a membership fee.
In addition some sites allow you to set two prices: one is for a non exclusive right to use the photo – this is the price someone pays to download the photo and use it – while others can download the same photo and use it too. An exclusive price is usually much higher and means that once a user buys the exclusive usage rights for the photo you can not sell it to anyone else (or use it yourself). Once a photo is sold under the ‘non exclusive” option – it can not be exclusively purchased.
It is also easy , if You want to build your own website to either sell your photo on it or make money from advertisement on the site. If your photos are unique and can attract viewers you can create a blog or a site with your photos alongside with some text describing them and the story behind taking them. Spread the word about your site to your friends and family and post information about it in forums and chat boards. Once you generate traffic add advertisements to your site. To create your site you can use tools such as www.blogger.com/ and http://www.typepad.com/ . To place advertisements you can use advertisement syndication networks, I think Google AdSense will be best one for add placement.
Copyright is another issue you should consider when selling or posting your photos online. Copyright laws vary from state to state and country to country. Make sure that you check beforehand that you do have the rights to sell or post your photos online.


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