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You may also be interested to participate in AdSense programme.

So what s are the ABC of AdSense? What to do? How?

OK you have to prepare mentally to be designated as publisher as an editor/publisher like who is publishing newspapers.You may write and publish anything of your interest in your web page(s) you came across that is termed here blogging in Internet (Publishing in Web Pages ). For your information you may visit http://www.blogger.com/ for writing and publishing your interest for the public online. Read Carefully Term and Conditions of blogger.com and publishing guideline thoroughly there.When you will complete your registration at blogger.com providing your GMail ID, if you don't have a Gmail ID yet you can sign up there also at Blogger.Com, where you will find adds for sign up for AdSense in top right corner of the page just after complete your sign up, where you can also sign up for AdSense. Note : Give your correct address, phone number details otherwise you may face difficulties during your payment !!! Visit....
Or after complete publish you may click on page elements tab then add page element then AdSense for posting there on your blogger and the system will guide you to sign up AdSense automatically.After sign up Google AdSense as a publisher, And the codes will automatically be placed in your pages after you select the page element and the size and colour combination. And each time the page is visited, the java script will pull advertisements from the AdSense program as related and targeted to your content. . The ads that will be targeted and will be related to the content of your web page displaying the ads. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement, you, as a publisher serving the ads, will earn a portion of the money as commission that the advertiser is paying to the Google the search engine for the click. OK Friends you sign up the AdSense program and earn from your quality writing , Best of Luck !!!
Visit http://www.blogger.com/

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