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Data Entry Job for Online EIncome

Data Entry Jobs /Home Jobs / Online Work for Full Time / Part Time :

Work 3 Hrs/Day & Earn. Just Working 3 Hrs/Day and Earn Rs.75000/Month Without Investment

Global Commission Junction is one of the highest paid Affiliate program on internet. You can earn through GCJ using their text links, Banner Ads, Text Ads, HTML Page Ads, & even you can do E-mail Marketing using the option Email to a Friend.

You can promote GCJ, through their marketing banners and text ads or links on your website. For every Ad matter, They will provided html links and scripts. Just insert those scripts into your website.

$1000/Day at home? sounds incredible,is it just bull? see our review

Iin case you don't have a website, you can promote theirr products using the below options:

1. Use Blogger.com or yahoo geocities and create webpages there.

2. Copy text matters and post them free classified websites.

3. Promote links through E-mails.

GCJ payments are purely based on the following things:

1. Pay Per Click


Level 1: $0.2 USD per click

Level 2: $0.5 USD per click

Level 3: $1.0 USD per click

Level 4: $1.5 USD per click

Level 5: $2.0 USD per click

Pay Per Sale Commission Structure

On Jobs sold at www.365jobs4u.com

Level 1: 15% of sale value

Level 2: 20% of sale value

Level 3: 30% of sale value

Level 4: 40% of sale value

Level 5: 50% of sale value

In PPC, they pay you for every click generated on their ad links through your website, or ad posted in classified websites, directories, blogs or forums or through your email marketing. Your PPC payment will start on Level 1 with $0.2 USD on every click. Your payout level will change after every $250 USD commission generated. This means, when your commission is reached or cross $250 USD, you will be automatically shifted to payout level 2, and again after crossing next $250 USD you'll be shifted to a higher payout leve.

In PPS, you'll be paid, on pay per sale basis and not ppc. In PPS, for sale of any of the home jobs at www.365jobs4u.com you'll be paid 15% commission and so on as per the payout level. Similar to PPC, you'll be shifted to a higher payout level after reaching every $250 USD mark.All home job registration fees range from $55 to $235.

You may not paid for the Cliks !!! This can happen only in the following cases:

1. Are you placing ads in traffic generating, auto clicks or auto surf websites. if so you won't get paid for that.

2. Are you using the links in yahoo, msn, google, aol or any else chat system. If yes you won't be credited for this.

3. Are you placing the ad links in sites which is neither a classified, nor blogs/forums. Or are you placing the links in sites which is not at concerned with what the ad matter means.If yes, you won't get paid for the clicks.

4. Are you clicking your own text link ads, or asking your friends to do the same or using any type of software to do so. If yes, stop it now...or else your account will be terminated at any moment.

It's very easy. To get free classified websites list other than what they gave, just google the keyword 'Free classified websites' at www.google.com, search at yahoo, msn, alta vista you will get millions of sites.To know the best just check their traffic and ranking at www.alexa.com.Remember GCJ executives are always keeping an eye on the best worker. If they found that you're doing the best Job, they will change the payout level for you before reaching $250 USD.

Payments are made every month on 7th. Payments are calculated from 1st to 30th of every month, your account should have reached or crossed minimum payout amount of $100 USD. In case your total commission generated is less than $100 USD. It will be carry forward to the next month.For ex. Suppose you joined the affiliate program anywhere on 12th May 2008, and by the end of the 30th May 2008, if your account crosses $100 USD, than your payment will be released on 7th June 2008. In case your balance is less than $100 USD on or before 30th May 2008, than this amount will be clubbed with June Month Payment and sent on 7th of July 2008, if it crosses $100 USD.Every month from 1st to 5th, you've to update your account to make any changes like change of address or any other particulars, so as to receive the cheque on new details.

Work 3 Hrs/Day & Earn. Just Working 3 Hrs/Day and Earn Rs.75000/Month Without Investment

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