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Earn from AdSense Give your Correct Address where a PIN (Personal Identification Number) will reach by General Post to You by Mailing Address given.

Sign up Google AdSense and Copy Paste Codes of Advertisement your page will be able to earn as if any one visit your Page and clicks upon adds to use the services of Add Provider. Here one thing you may learn to know that Google will send you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by standard or general mail to mailing address given by you during your sign up AdSense, when your account will reach $10 in earnings. This PIN will be used to help verify publisher accounts and addresses for security purposes. And it is also a valid way to examine the correctness of address of publisher as you will be also designated after sign up.Hence I am giving importance of submitting correct address exactly expressing your presence. It is common in our country especially in rural area we don't use the the lane or street address , apartment name or number or House Number or Plot Number, when we give a address to some one. Yet we get our letter having only name , Village name, and Name of Via Post office and District and State. But here you have to give your House number or plot number is mandatory otherwise the system of AdSense will not accept your sign up. Ok

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