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ScriptLance Affiliate Program Sign Up as a affiliate and earn reffering another affiliate

ScriptLance Affiliate Program

Earn 50% Commission!

ScriptLance pays affiliates half the fees they charge users to participate in projects.

If you refer a Buyer they will pay you 40% of ALL the fees they charge that user,

as well as 40% of the fees they charge the Programmer he works with!

If you refer a Programmer you will earn 10% of ALL the fees they charge that user,

as well as the Buyer he works with. On top of that you will also earn 50% of Certified Member fees ($5-$12.50) and 50% of Job Listing fees ($19.50).

If you refer another affiliate they will also pay you 10% of whatever they earn!

Here's a table that shows what they pay affiliates.

Note that they charge Buyers $5 to post a regular project and they charge Programmers 5% of their bid amount.

Refer a buyer earn...

Regular Project $2-$2.40 plus 40% of fee they charge their selected Programmer (Min: $2) Minimum payout per project: $4.00Maximum payout per project: Unlimited! 10% of fee charged to Programmer (Min: $0.50), plus $0.50-$0.60 (10% of Buyer's fee).

Refer aProgrammerearn...

Minimum payout per project: $1.00

Maximum payout per project: Unlimited!

Featured Project (?)

40% of Featured project fee ($10). Plus 40% of fee charged to selected Programmer.
10% of Featured project fee ($2.50). Plus 10% of fee charged to selected Programmer.
Certified Membership (?)
50% ($5)
50% ($12.50)
Job Listing (?)
50% ($19.50)

Example: If you refer a visitor who posts a normal project that gets completed for $1000, you will earn $22. If you want to become an affiliate simply signup for an account. Thank you.

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