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Earn Money Online from Hp Small Medium Business

Server spending and shipments are growing nearly every quarter, but are small and medium companies getting all they require from their new servers?
The newest additions to HP’s ProLiant server portfolio were designed from the ground up to help midsize businesses drive efficiency and increase productivity, while saving on long-term cost of ownership. The HP ProLiant BL260c G5 server blade and HP ProLiant DL120 G5 server make enterprise computing more affordable for businesses with growing technology needs.

Right-Sized for Your Business

These entry-level servers have the flexibility to accommodate the wide range of needs that small and medium businesses demand.
The HP ProLiant BL260c is the most affordable and power efficient server blade available today. The new BL260c is at a price that is 25 percent lower (1) and consumes more than 33 percent less power than any blade on the market (2). The BL260c brings the time, cost, change and energy savings benefits of blades to midsize businesses.
The HP ProLiant DL120 G5 is a single socket, rack-optimized server featuring the latest Intel Xeon quad-core technology. It is designed to provide midsize businesses new levels of power, efficiency and affordability.
With the HP ProLiant DL160 G5, an affordable 2-socket server, and the HP ProLiant DL185 G5, a 2-socket server designed for quality, performance and flexible deployments, it’s easy to add more hardware, software, services and functionality—server drives can be added and replaced on the fly, and because they’re hot, swappable drives, a business doesn’t have to take critical applications offline when it needs to replace a failing drive or just add more storage. And for businesses with little space for IT equipment, these slim, rack-mount servers help contain server and cable sprawl.
For a company that is upgrading, these entry-level servers provide familiar technology that won’t break the budget while increasing computing storage. HP makes the setup easy, eliminates the risk of unfamiliar components and will even put it all together via HP Factory Express, a robust portfolio of flexible, pre-priced, configured, customized and integrated factory solutions and deployment services. These servers also offer high-efficiency power supplies, demonstrating that HP has responded to customer concerns regarding the energy use of servers: In a recent study, the DL160 G5 defeated competitors in its class by up to 56.5 percent.
These servers are also equipped with essential performance features that provide customers with a scalable platform to design a fully optimized solution.
The BL260c is ideal for branch offices and remote sites with small or virtual machine environments that run solutions like CRM, ERP and database as well as web applications and file/print services. The DL120 is suitable for companies who are in need of a cost efficient server dedicated to a single infrastructure application that runs 24/7 but has relatively low processing and internal storage needs.

The ProLiant DL160 G5 is ideal for infrastructure, file/print and Web serving and now supports RAID5 with optional Smart Array controller to provide data protection. HP is the only first-tier vendor to include embedded SATA RAID on entry-level servers, increasing data reliability, performance and security to keep your business up and running. Since the server also comes equipped with 2-socket capabilities, it can meet the needs of a demanding computing environment. And with capacity for up to four 3.5” drives, the DL160 G5 can expand those compute capabilities as the business grows.
The HP ProLiant DL185 G5 has even more scalability of its compute and storage capacity: it now offers up to two AMD Opteron processors, three standard PCI expansion slots and up to 14 large form factor hard drives. In addition, the enhanced remote management features of the ProLiant DL185 G5, including Integrated Lights-Out 100i Management, allow simple access and monitoring, enabling customers to maximize server availability, minimize operating costs and save time. You can take control of your systems and your company’s IT—and you can have everything you need in one server: essential management tools for greater wherever/whenever access, reliability and worry-free technology with proven performance
The worry-free nature of HP’s entry-level servers extends to the relationships many small and medium businesses already have with local technology partners, who find the HP solution to help businesses build and expand with confidence. That trusted relationship can continue as you take the next step in your IT growth with the server that’s right for your business.
You actually have the best of both worlds—it’s easy to buy from local partners and get your servers up and running, but customers can also rely on the steadfast brand, global reach and excellent standards of HP, with its world-class service and support that’s readily available.

Businesses that think they have a list of technology requirements that far exceeds their IT expertise and budget should think again. And if server spending is growing, make sure those servers can also grow with you, supporting your company’s current business requirements and future evolution.

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